Made in italy from 1984

We only sell to customers with VAT number.

Our company

Our company, Gafforelli Srl, specializes in producing custom fashion accessories for wholesale and retail customers. Under the leadership of Natasha Gafforelli, our all-female team drives innovation and excellence in the industry.


Our style office collaborates seamlessly to meet customer needs, crafting aesthetically innovative products with efficiency. Leveraging a diverse array of processes, materials, and components, we create versatile and high-quality objects.


Immersed in trend studies and material exploration, we continuously refresh our collection with over 200 new proposals each season, ensuring a youthful and contemporary offering for our customers.


Working closely with clients, our style department swiftly translates their requirements into actionable solutions, ensuring adaptability and responsiveness in our design process.


Through our partnership with our Asian office, we offer cost-effective customization of accessories in zamak or brass, delivering rapid turnaround times with reduce production expenses compared to italian counterparts.


With over 30 years of artisanal craftsmanship, we excel in transforming samples info menticulously crafted accessories of the highest quality.


Employing eco-friendly materials, our artisanal welding process enables the creation of customized accessories tailored to individual pre4ferences, meeting diverse needs efficiently


Our in -house finishing capabilities empower customers to customize accessories without constraints on quantity. Offerig complimentary previews of individual pieces underscores our commitment to flexibility and speed.


Inspired by customer emotions, our assembly process combines craftsmanship skills with meticulous material selection, giving life to premium accessories in line with trends.

We have embarked on an ambitious journey towards ecological sustainability. Through the implementation of gradual changes, we remain dedicated to preserving the planet

Step by step, we continuously stay updated on all our actions to contribute to saving the planet!


Shipping will only be DHL GO GREEN (Offset carbon emissions for our shipments).


We start to change all our packaging for less impact of enviroment :

Sacs in corn - 100% Biodegradable and compostable.

All recycled carton packaging

Scotch tape 80% Biodegradable


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