Made in italy from 1984

Gafforelli S.R.L offers multiple services for its customers;
We can customize your logo in several ways:

- Laser cut
-Photo-engraved brass plate
-Die-cast zamak print

Laser cut: 

Laser cutting is a very useful technique for processing a large amount of materials.
With laser marking it is possible to work the most varied materials, from leather to metal, from plastic to wood; solutions that thus embrace countless sectors of industry and craftsmanship.
It is in fact possible to create unique objects, with particular shapes and decorations.
We offer bases such as mother-of-pearl, metal, polyester, wood ...
The effect of your personalization will be light and delicate.
The cost is € 80 with a minimum of 500 pieces.

Photo-engraved brass plate:

 The personalized brass plates are designed for those who want quality and definition in a single precious material such as brass.
The plates are printed by direct UVLED printing and subsequently treated with protective disposers in order to protect the external surface.
The thickness of your accessory will be a maximum of 1 mm and only with a flat surface.

The cost is 100€ with a minimum of 500 pieces.




Die-cast zamak print:

Die-cast zamak printing is the value of the process that allows us to obtain solutions with a high visual impact.
The three-dimensionality of the die-cast slabs using special molds makes it possible to enhance a material such as zamak, obtaining embossed logos with a strong aesthetic impact. The identity that the brand wants to convey is amplified by the finishes, which on this type can be of multiple colors.

Available in shape, thickness or applications (any rhinestones, beads, sequins)

The cost is € 150 with a minimum of 1000 pieces.



 For enamelled, painted and colored finishes, refer to the pantone color chart.

If you need more specific information, please contact us.