Made in italy from 1984

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Our company

The company GAFFORELLI SRL is specialized in the production of fashion accessories with a main sale to wholesale and retail customers. With an all-female team, the company is now led by Gafforelli Natasha.


In synergy for our customers, the style office is able to understand the needs and create an aesthetically innovative product in a very short time. the wide range of processes, materials and components used by us allow us to create objects of any type and use.


The study of trends, the search for innovative materials, the creation of new accessories allow us to offer our customers a collection that is always young and updated with more than 200 new proposals every season.


Our style department, in direct collaboration with the customer, is able to understand their needs, find solutions and formulate proposals to satisfy all needs. The ability to create an accessory on customer input allows us to be fast and dynamic.


Thanks to the collaboration with our office in ASIA we can create customized accessories in zamak or brass, galvanized on a frame, with much lower system costs than the Italian ones and in a very short time.


For over 30 years we have been producing high quality accessories in an artisanal way, developing objects from samples to production.


It is a totally artisanal process that starting from eco-compatible materials allows us to create more or less complex accessories, at the request of the customer according to his personal needs.


Our internal finishing departments give our customers the possibility to change the final look of our accessories without the obligation of large quantities. Being able to preview a single piece at no additional cost and quickly is one of our greatest strengths.


Study of the moods proposed by the customer, great dexterity, taste and research in the selection of different materials and care in the finishes give life to valuable and trendy objects.

Three years, 2024, this is the ambitious project to become more ecologically sustainable.

Step by step we keep up to date with all our changes to save the planet!


Shipping will only be DHL GO GREEN (Offset carbon emissions for our shipments).


We start to change all our packaging for less impact of enviroment :

Sacs in corn - 100% Biodegradable and compostable.

All recycled carton packaging

Scotch tape 80% Biodegradable


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