Ball buttons in brass, diamond and filigrane effect - Art. 5816


Ball buttons in brass, diamond and filigrane effect - Art. 5816  

Huge selection of metal buttons, in zamak or brass , with shank or with 2 or 4 holes, plating or sprayed, flat or decorated, available also with costumer logo.

Prices are for sample orders for bulk order we can study special prices.

 Since 1984  GAFFORELLI company  has always stood for high quality of products and precise work methodology.

Founded  by Faustino Gafforelli and his wife Rita as individual crafts company specialized on the production of buttons  with a main sale to wholesale and retail  customers, over the years it has evolved. 

Initially, the production was mainly dedicated to the buttons but already in the years ‘90 has expanded also to the sector of accessories for clothing: assembled, buckles and brooches.

Today GAFFORELLI is a limited company situated in the Bergamo industrial area and work mainly with the clothing industry, for the Italian, European and world market.

Thanks of a reliable sales network and a regular participation at international fairs, Gafforelli for over 30 years exporting with great success their fashion accessories in all parts of the world: no only buttons, but also brooches, chains, hooks, buckles, sewing stone,  cover-node, rhinestone motif,  necklaces, belts and much more. There are many styles as elegant, particular, classical or casual.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


ball buttons 

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